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Posted By CloudWolf
22/12/2014 14:28pm
Little is known about the The Trials of Osiris and what we know so far has never been officially announced in any shape or form. What we know has been discovered through Destiny game files and dropped via unofficial channels.

Many have speculated that this new game-mode may be just around the corner. While Bungie have not confirmed or denied the rumours, some speculate that we could be seeing this during the Christmas holidays, or early in the new year.

So what exactly will this new event entail?

We understand that there will be a level 20 entry requirement and that level advantages will apply, much like they do in the Iron Banner. The twist however, is that the entry requirements are difficult to say the least, players must prove themselves in the crucible in order to earn an Osiris Coin and the right to participate. The best players will also be able to earn access to unique loot exclusive to this event.

Furthermore, the events operates a "3 Strikes" rule which means the stakes are high. Lose three times and you're out. At this point you can either throw in the towel, or earn yourself another Osiris Coin to re-participate.

For more information, we highly recommend watching this video uploaded by MoreConsole:

There's also a lot of information regarding weapons and rewards over at DestinyTheGame Reddit.

At this point, I can't stress enough that most of what you've read here is pure speculation. Only time will tell if we're right about this wink

Stay tuned for more Destiny updates.
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Posted By CloudWolf
19/12/2014 13:03pm
During our internet travels, we stumbled across a great new video which was originally posted by Slayerage on reddit, and promoted by Planet Destiny.

After watching the video, we couldn't help ourselves. We simply had to share this incredible achievement with the Clans of Destiny community.

Has anyone here managed to one-man Crota? If so, be sure to share your experiences and tips with us.
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Posted By CloudWolf
17/12/2014 18:10pm
This is the next in a series of Videos by MoreConsole which covers some of the new Exotic items available in The Dark Below DLC.

This episode covers the ATS/8 Arachnid Exotic Helmet specific to the Hunter class. It's main point of focus is the ability to zoom in while using Golden Gun for better accuracy and a better kill count.

Fantastic news for the Hunters out there. Not so good for the rest of us wink I for one am not looking forward to fighting this in the crucible.

For more Destiny videos, be sure to check out MoreConsole's Official Channel.