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16/09/2014 12:16pm
Bungie have opened the gates to their latest strike mission, The Vault of Glass. Guardians must be level 26 to take part.

Guardians must overcome challenges unlike any before. It's essential that you equip yourself with the best gear possible and Bungie suggest that anyone would be hard pressed to complete this in one sitting.

So grab your guns and form a Fireteam. If you manage to beat this monstrous challenge, be sure to let us know and show off in the forums.
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12/09/2014 12:49pm
Now that launch day has passed, bungie look forward to the next major milestone. The introduction of events, the first of which will be happening this weekend.

Salvage will commence today, and last through the weekend. Players will be able to compete in 3v3 matches to secure relics.

There's several other upcoming events, including the opening of the highly anticipated Vault of Glass. See the full details below:

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Posted By CloudWolf
09/09/2014 13:50pm
Today's the day! Destiny has officially been launched as is currently being played by millions worldwide.

It's been a bit of a long haul but we finally made it.

Are you online yet? Be sure to share your stories, and post a few screenshots of your character in the forums.

Happy hunting all!
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Posted By CloudWolf
06/09/2014 17:19pm
Hey all, we're back in business, a bit of a rocky tranfer but things are back up.

Note, re-pointing can take up to 48 hours to fully complete. So if at any time you do see the old "Be Right Back" message it's because you're seeing the old server. My old provider have informed me that this should be temporary and will resolved itself within the netx 24 hours.

Good to be back! Let's get a role call going of everyone who's made it back smile