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Posted By CloudWolf
17/03/2015 12:34pm
Perhaps this isn't new news, but we haven't yet reported this excellent new addition which will be coming soon. Anyone who's played destiny will know there's been a long-standing call for more Vault space to be added to the game.

Guardians have been forever running out of space and have been making hard decisions on what items to keep, and which items to dismantle.

As part of an upcoming patch, Bungie will be increasing the amount of space available in the Vault. While there's been no official date for this to come into effect, Bungie have indicated that this will be applied before the launch of the next DLC.

You can find more details on upcoming changes via this handy video sourced from MoreConsole's channel:

What do you guys think? Will you start hoarding your weapons? or will you be equally as ruthless when it comes to dismantling?
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Posted By CloudWolf
27/02/2015 12:21pm
As part of the recent 1.1.1 update, Bungie has announced a new feature which shipped with the latest patch. We'd like to present to you Mobile Vault Management.

Guardians will now be able to move items to and from the vault via the mobile companion app, or the site. Simply click on your items, and hit the "Move to Vault".

On the flip side, you can also access your vault and move items to your characters on the go.

Mobile Companion App

Desktop Site

In theory, this update will give us the ability to move items to our characters on the fly. Imagine, half way through a mission, whip out your mobile phone and get that heavy ammo you need.

Will any of our resident guardians be using this tool?
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Posted By CloudWolf
26/02/2015 12:36pm
We've been getting a lot of these recently. Another House of Wolves Leak was posted on Reddit today by megamanexe4.

One thing that stuck out more than anything is the existence of a Social Space within the Reef. Bungie did talk about a non-combat area in the Reef in the run-up to launch. However, this didn't appear to make it into the launch game.

Reef Social Space

While Bungie are yet to comment, it is widely believed that this new area will act as a gathering point before missions. Think of it as a smaller version of The Tower where you can meet guardians, collect bounties etc. The exact contents of this area are yet to be confirmed, but rest assured we'll be reporting anything new that crops up.

For now, sit back and relax as Arekkz Gaming summarise the content of this leak.

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Posted By CloudWolf
26/02/2015 12:19pm
The latest Destiny patch has been rolled out in all it's 11.34mb glory.

There's a lot of fundamental changes, but we'll let you discovered these via the Official Patch 1.1.1 Article on

To help summarise, we've also included a handy video posted by MoreConsole.

MoreConsole - Patch 1.1.1

So what are your thoughts on this patch? There's some pretty major weapon updates. Is it enough to make you switch your favourite weapon?