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Posted By CloudWolf
23/01/2015 12:20pm
Zur is back!

This week he is located next to the Vanguard Quartermasters down the main middle stairs.

Items on sale this week

- No Land Beyond
- MK44 Stand Asides
- Starfire Protocol
- Radiant Dance Machines
- Helmet Engram

Upgrades Available

- Helm of Inmost Light
- Crest of Alphia Lupi,
- Light Beyond Nemesis
- Sunbreakers
- Knucklehead Radar
- Achlyophage Symbiote
- Bad Juju
- Invective
- Universal Remote
- Thunderlord
- Gjallarhorn
- Truth
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Posted By CloudWolf
21/01/2015 12:09pm
Hard Mode for Crota's end officially hits the game today. Guardians are gathering at the start line ready for the race to become the first team to beat the new mode.

Posted by BungieUpdates on exact go-time will be given via Twitter after 10AM Pacific

A few minor patches have also been made to the game to pave the way for hard mode:

Bridge Encounter
Players are no longer able to de-spawn enemies after activating bridge plates and holding a specific spot

Crota Encounter
Fixed a rare issue that caused Crota to stop summoning Oversouls
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Posted By CloudWolf
20/01/2015 17:30pm
While browsing Kotaku, I came across an invention by an avid Destiny player.

Sit back and relax while the Grind-machine does it's thing.

Let us know your thoughts! Would you consider this a cheat? Or should we praise this Destiny player for their incredible ingenuity?