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Looking for a Fireteam? Check out our new LFG Feature.
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Posted By CloudWolf
22/11/2014 01:06am
We're pleased to announce a brand new feature for Clans of Destiny. In recent day's we've noticed the huge number of new threads in the forums dedicated to finding groups. It's for this reason we've implemented the new Destiny LFG feature.

If you're logged in, you will now see a new item appear in your sidebar titled "LFG". Not only will this link you to the groups page, it will also display an active counter showing the number of players currently looking for a group. This allows you to continue browsing the site and keep track of new fire teams on-the-go.

Being a new tool, we'd love to hear what you think. Drop us a comment below if you have any suggestions wink

Stay tuned for more community updates!
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Posted By CloudWolf
20/11/2014 13:31pm
With the first destiny DLC just around the corner, bungie have announced a gift to everyone who purchases the The Dark Below.

We present to you the EV-30 Tumbler.

According to the developers:

Posted by BungieThe EV-30 Tumbler features advanced modifications that bypass standard safety systems, disabling the stabilization and gyroscopic-force dampeners designed to keep you grounded. It's also got a pretty sweet paint job. Check it out.

Sounds great! We can't wait to get our hands on one.

A great addition to the game? Or yet another distraction from the lack of content? Let us know your thoughts.